Twitch chat controlled RGB Led

What happens when a tech guy who likes JS and also a twitch fan gets a raspberry PI, and old RGB led strip? 😀

Yeah, pretty crazy mash of things but it works.

So I had one of these at home from the project I made to control RGB led from a browser:

I am not a great fan of Python but I am great fan of JS so I decided that the world should not exist without having a native driver for this piece of c**p, so I decided to rewrite the coms to this in NODEJS, So I did it. Also released it as a npm library for other crazy people who think it’s better to use JS on raspberry then Python. 😉

and the git:

To give it another twist for fun and also to make sure my little to no audience is able to make my life miserable during a twitch stream, I hooked it up with twitch API and wrote some light effects.