My first game on STEAM

As I am almost daily steam user and curious gamedev enthusiast, I wanted to learn how actually the steam deployment works, also next to the deployment I was curious how to implement services and API’s like leaderboards, retrieve the users, data and such.
So I needed a game that would require all of these so I can actually implement this and finalize the deployment.

After some thinking and digging in my past gaming experiences I wanted something simple but challenging and something that requires patience and skills, the only game I have played and had all the previously mentioned was Trackmania.
Trackmania is a 3D racing game where the racetracks are unrealistic and requires all kind of acrobatics and creativity to solve them, so I thought, lets do something similar as a 2D platformer.

This is how the monstrous abomination became a thing:

ShowMeSpeed is on Steam:

For playtest request proceed here :