My Home Network – Planning Phase

Today I have done wireshark inspection on my home network to take a look what is happening on the wire. After moving in and because of the bussy life, this was the first time when I did a real inspection on my personal network. I have never experienced any disturbance, lag or anything strange, but as someone who is preparing for networking career, it wouldn’t be nice to have a chaos at home.

What I found is catastrophe…

wireshark capture example

My personal pc, where I store all the important data, passwords, emails etc. is constatly under fire from all kind of cheap and unsecure smart devices. Besides of security the network is unstable, bloated with unusefull packets. Let me show you the so called “Topology” I run today:


I assume that 99% of the people are running this kind of nightmare at home…

Lets see what I have to do to make this network acceptable for future.

After detailed instepction of what I have and what I have to buy I found out a few things I think everyone shall know:

  • My SOHO modem-router is running 802.11n – That means that even if Im paying for 1 Gbps, I can utilize maximum 300 Mbps of throughput over wifi, where everything is connected. So I should buy an 802.11ax wifi access point, to maximize the utilization.
  • I have to separate the network data into two parts to separate my pc and lab completely from smart chaos network.
  • I decieded to pull cat7 from the soho modem to the router and all devices connected on the wire, plus do the most important tasks on wire, instead of wifi.
  • I will dumb down the Soho modem to basic functionality.
  • I will connect the hypervisor and the lab to the network.

After some planning and configuration I finaly have the setup:

For the final setup I will need to purchase: A decent cisco router to do the responsabilities of the main router, possibly with 10Gig ports to be prepared for the future. 🙂

I’v already ordered the 100m cat7 and prepared the crimper to do some network tech job.

On the packet tracer the topology works perfectly, the devices are separated to two Vlans, switch2 is taking care of them. Main router is configured as router on a stick and he capable of routing between vlans so I have included access lists to prevent interconnection. Main router is responsible for IP addressing as well. Both networks will have their own Wifi Acess Point with different ssid for and login options, and Vlan 10 (the secure network) will have a constant virtualized firewall running for extra security.

The hope at the beginning of the next year I can make a post about the finished installation.