Made a TWITCH gambling game

I had an Idea to test my Unity skills and use the Twitch Library to connect to the twitch chat and watch for the user messages.

The Game is a simple crash game used by some crypto gambling sites, the rules are simple, The viewer has to bet before the flight starts and then jump out from the rocket before it crashes.


To joint and start to play send -> !join
*** You start with 1000 Points!

To start to bet -> !bet “amount”
***You can !bet before the flight

To stop -> !jump or !stop
***This is how you win the multiplier

To check your points -> !stat

The project was made for learning purposes. I am very satisfied with the result. Unfortunately it has got a small design issue that because of the Twitch delay, the real-time actions from chat are hardly good, and it can create confusion. 🙂